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Crime Scene Cleanup

We wouldn’t wish the traumatic events that require our services on anyone, but if you fall victim to a traumatic event, know that we are here to help you on the road to healing and recovery. We provide professional and compassionate services to employers, families and friends who are going through tough times, such as losing a friend to suicide or a loved one’s death. Whether the cause is homicide or industrial accidents, you can be sure that our highly trained and caring field technicians are fully experienced in all the steps necessary to return your home or business to a safe, comfortable, livable condition.

Cleaning up, so you don't have to

We specialize in cleaning and decontaminating crime scenes from any homicides, suicides, decomposing bodies (also known as unattended deaths), industrial accidents, hoarders, tear gas, blood, bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials. We understand that not only are these situations unexpectedly upsetting and depressingly disastrous, we know that they can also be dangerous and difficult to clean. That’s where we come in. We at First Atlantic Restoration realize that our customers deserve the highest quality service while knowing that we clean thoroughly and treat the crime scene cleanup with dignity.

To protect your privacy and confidentiality, we can use discreetly marked vehicles. Then we document the work we perform in extremely detailed reports provided to you for your insurance company, or perhaps your compliance department. We believe in improving our community by serving those in need alongside a humble spirit, impeccable word, and by treating each person we encounter as we desire to be treated.

Choose First Atlantic Restoration

We completely understand that there are some tasks that you just cannot handle alone. That is why we feel that, for property and business owners who are located in the surrounding areas of Richmond, Virginia, no longer need to worry about removing the aftermaths caused by traumatic events.

At First Atlantic Restoration, we are ready to face any cleaning or restoration jobs – big or small. With our expertly trained cleanup crew and equipment ready, we assure you that every project we take will be done swiftly and professionally.

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Since 1990, it has been our duty to protect, fortify, and restore properties in Southeastern Virginia.  We have been able to bring homes that have been struck by natural disasters such as fire damage, water damage, and storm damage, back to original shape, and have given thousands of residents a second chance. If you are interested in hiring our services or have any questions, please call us at: 855-790-7707 or by visiting contact First Atlantic Restoration.