Virginia Beach Emergency Shelter Resources

During and after a disaster, you may need to locate an emergency shelter. From damage to your home from flood waters or severe winds to complete destruction of an entire community, a serious disaster may necessitate the use of emergency shelters. Here is a look at some emergency shelters and disaster resources in the Virginia Beach area.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross features comprehensive shelter resources across the U.S. For disaster preparation, knowing where the nearest emergency shelter is located can be very important. Use this shelter finder tool to locate the nearest relief shelter in your area.

City of Virginia Beach

The city of Virginia Beach maintains a shelter locator resource. Here you will also find information on disaster planning, evacuation, and property protection for hurricanes and other types of severe weather.

Virginia Department of Emergency Management

This site has resources for disaster planning and recovery, volunteer information, and specific information related to different disasters and emergency services. If you are planning for a disaster or are researching emergency resources, this is a good place to start.

Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad

For comprehensive disaster preparation information and alerts and updates, this is a good resource. From detailed emergency kit checklists to preparing a response to specific disasters and finding information on volunteer opportunities, this is a one stop planning source.

Hurricane Evacuation Guide

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This guide has detailed information on hurricane preparation and evacuation for the Virginia Beach area. Hurricanes are one of the most serious environmental threats to the region, so understanding hurricane preparation is very important for residents.