Protecting Your Home or Business from Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes season is coming and thinking about how resistant your home and/or business is to severe winds and heavy rains is important to mitigating damage. Hurricanes are extremely destructive annual disasters that require ongoing preparation. Much of the personal safety risks from hurricanes come from flying debris and damage to your home, so it is as important to secure your home during a storm as it is to have an emergency preparedness kit on hand. Here are a few tips for protecting your home or business from hurricane damage.

Maintain Storm Shutters

On the Atlantic coast, having storm shutters is practically essential to help protect structures during hurricane season. Roll up shutters should be inspected for proper functioning and repaired before hurricane alerts go into effect. For attachable metal, plywood, or polycarbonate shutters, make sure you install permanent anchors to make last minute installation quick and easy. These shutters are one of the best ways to protect doors and windows from high winds, flying debris, and severe rains during a hurricane.

Inspect the Roof

Make sure that shingles are well attached and soffits and vents are secured and made of resistant material. During severe winds with a lot of debris, it may be difficult to prevent damage, but inspecting the roof and ensuring that everything is secure can help reduce the likelihood of damage. The roof is one of the most important and vulnerable sections of your house, so doing everything possible to ensure that it is in good condition and secure against high winds is an important part of preparing the structure for hurricanes.

Clean up Outside the Structure

Removing debris and items outdoors around the structure that can become airborne and cause damage is an important part of hurricane preparation. Even landscaping materials can cause serious damage during high winds. Rock or gravel can break windows and cause personal harm and vehicle damage. Obviously, you can’t prevent all damage from flying debris, but relocating items in your yard or around your business can help mitigate risks of damage to the immediate structure. In line with this, keep trees trimmed and consider having large trees near the structure removed if they present a threat to the structure. This is especially important for areas prone to severe annual hurricanes where damage is often extensive.

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