Hurricane Season Wraps Up, Preparation Remains

The Atlantic hurricane season is officially over. As of November 30, the hurricane season tallied 13 tropical storms and two hurricanes. Overall the season was fairly quiet in comparison with seasons past. Hurricanes Humberto and Ingrid were both low intensity storms that reached a mere 75 knots. Humberto, however, nearly became the latest hurricane to form in a season when it was classified as a hurricane in September. Overall, this hurricane season was fairly easy going on the Atlantic coast. Drier air over the Atlantic, stabler air over the tropics, and a weaker African Easterly jet stream likely contributed to the tempered weather this season. While the Atlantic region was spared the devastating storms like hurricane Sandy of 2012, the importance of remaining prepared cannot be stressed enough. Considering that many areas are still recovering from Sandy and a huge typhoon recently struck the Philippines, maintaining ongoing preparation is critical.

Living in hurricane and tropical storm prone areas requires sustained preparation and awareness. Given the late season arrival of a number of storms and the devastating storms that hit Mexico, the Philippines, and even the Midwest in the U.S late in the season, it is never out of the question that a severe storm could strike any time. Ensuring that homes and businesses are resilient to high winds and rain is a primary concern for those in hurricane affected areas. On a global scale, the intensity of storms seems to be increasing, as is the frequency of severe weather. Because of this, it is important to constantly assess infrastructure and individual preparedness for a storm. Keep an emergency preparedness kit on hand with essential supplies and make repairs or retrofits to your home to ensure that it can sustain high winds. Also, review your insurance policy and make sure you are covered across the board. Flood insurance may also be necessary for your area.

Even though the official hurricane season has wrapped up, storm preparation is a constant. Continually assessing and reassessing your preparation and the condition of homes and businesses is extremely important. Like any seasonal storm preparation, ensuring beforehand that you are ready will prove beneficial when the weather turns. After all, any preparation you fail to do now will be waiting for you next season.

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