How Social Media Influences Crisis Response

Emergency response and disaster preparation have become more efficient as a result of social media. It is now easier to plan for a disaster, research resources, and initiate a faster recovery by using social media and smartphone apps. The wide variety of information available for disaster planning and crisis response of every kind enable efficient communication between individuals and communities. Social media has become a medium for networking as much as it has to stay in touch and up to date with friends and family. In the realm of disaster preparation, social media’s networking value is hard to overstate.

Social Preparation

Disasters are a community affair, so it makes sense that social media is a valuable channel to organize and plan a disaster response. The first practical benefit to social media is, of course, maintaining contact with family and friends. Before a disaster, this is extremely important–especially one that is forecasted such as hurricane or tornado. Notifying relatives and friends of your preparation plans is a good idea. What’s more, coordinating meeting places and aftermath responses through social media is highly beneficial.

On a larger scale, many government and aid organizations use social media to raise disaster awareness and send notifications. Staying in touch with these social channels can help you maintain preparation and receive the latest information regarding evacuation alerts, responses, and shelter information. Virtually every organization has a social media presence, so consider following them on social media and using their disaster preparation apps.

Coordinated Crisis Response

The inter-connectivity of social media has made crisis response even more integrated between individuals, families, government, and relief agencies. FEMA, the Red Cross, and many local state resources have dedicated mobile apps and post ongoing disaster alert, preparation, and other educational and emergency resources on social media outlets like Facebook. Staying current on severe weather and natural disaster alerts and understanding how to prepare for these events is as easy as staying connected with social media.

With the quantity of disaster preparedness apps for smartphones and the importance of social media for daily communication, disaster awareness and overall preparation should continue to rise. It is now easier to remain aware of risks and stay up to date on weather forecasts and emergency alerts with social media and corresponding apps. Planning for a disaster is also easier since through these mediums people can better understand crisis planning and coordinate recovery plans.

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