Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is just a few short months away, with the beginning of the season starting in June. Hurricane emergency preparedness is essential for those living in an area affected. Learn how you can prepare for a storm of this magnitude, protecting your family and home.

Before the Hurricane

While we might not know exactly where a hurricane will hit this early, those who live on the Atlantic coast can start preparing for a hurricane:

  • Create an emergency kit, one for each member of your family, including pets. This should include medical supplies, food, water, and extra clothes.
  • Know the areas around your home that can flood. Understand how your home will be affected and how you can better protect it.
  • Become familiar with the hurricane evacuation route. You’ll likely have a small amount of time to get out, know where you’re going and beat the rush.
  • Secure your home by covering all the windows. You can use storm shutters for extra protection. To reduce damage to the roof, install straps to secure the structure. Bring inside all your outdoor furniture to prevent it from being blown away.

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During the Hurricane

Your number one priority during a hurricane is keeping you and your family safe:

  • Keep yourself informed. Listen to the radio and TV for evacuation information or details about the hurricane.
  • Turn off the utilities and propane tanks.
  • Secure all doors and windows by keeping them closed.
  • If there is a call for evacuation, leave immediately. If not, stay indoors, preferably in a small interior room on the lowest level of your home.
  • The worst thing you can do is leave the safety of your home during the most intense part of the storm. If for whatever reason you missed the hurricane evacuation warning, stay put!
Hurricane Sandy Destruction

After the Hurricane

After the hurricane hits it’s time to assess the damage and start the rebuilding process:

  • Keep listening to the radio and TV to get the latest news about the hurricane.
  • Watch for flooding around your home, and how it affects your property.
  • If you have been separated from your family, contact the American Red Cross. Do not contact them unless you absolutely need to.
  • For those who have been evacuated, only return home when officials tell you it is safe to return.
  • Be careful when driving. Look for areas that have been washed out.
  • During the cleanup process, use protective gear.

Hurricane season isn’t as far away as you think. Start the initial preparation for hurricane season now, protecting your home and family.