Fortified Building Standards To Withstand Hurricanes

If you live in a coastal region, hurricanes are a primary concern during the summer and early fall of each year. While tropical storms don’t always occur annually and many never develop into the severe storms that ravage coastal cities, preparedness is still extremely important. One part of this overall preparedness is constructing and fortifying your home to withstand hurricane winds and rain. After the most recent devastating hurricanes, Katrina and Sandy, the need to make homes and business more resilient to tropical storms has become even more critical. Fortified building standards ensure that building codes are followed in new constructions and in retrofitting older constructions. Since many older homes were not built with an uniform code, it is important to reinforce existing construction to a point where the structure can withstand heavy winds and rain from a hurricane.

There are different designations to indicate varying design standards in Fortified structures for different budgets and degrees of resilience. Depending on how you wish to retrofit your home and for what type of disaster, there are a number of building standard options. For high wind and hail, retrofitting your roof is a top concern. Some roofs are just not fit to handle inclement weather since they are often old and already weakened. In these instances, repairing the roof is in your interest regardless of threat of hurricane. Sealing the roof deck, installing an impact resistant roof cover, and replacing worn shingles will all help fortify your roof for high winds. Reinforcing the roof, walls, and foundation is an essential part of the process of fortifying structures to hold up against hurricanes. Even a little extra reinforcement can make a big difference when the winds kick up and debris starts blowing into your home. The goal, of course, is not to eliminate risk of damage, which is impossible, but to preserve the structural integrity of your home or business during a storm.

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