First Atlantic Helps Bike Beat Get Back to Business

What happens when a fire suddenly breaks out in a small business and triggers the fire sprinklers? You may think that the fire is extinguished and the business is spared total destruction or many thousands of dollars in repairs from fire and smoke damage. While this is certainly true, the activation of the sprinklers actually led to significant water damage to the store and its merchandise. Water damage is a serious and often overlooked result of fire sprinklers activating in a business. For Bike Beat, a local bike shop in the Hilltop Shopping Center of Virginia Beach, a mechanical failure of the air compressor started the fire in a utility room and ended up causing fire, smoke, and water damage.

Once the sprinklers initiated, the water extinguished the fire but caused substantial water damage to the store and merchandise. What’s more, the residual damage from the fire and smoke in the utility room also needed to be addressed immediately. Fortunately, Bike Beat acted quickly and contacted First Restoration to handle the structural cleaning and deodorization of the building and contents. With a fast response and dedicated team of restoration experts, First Atlantic was able to successfully complete the structural repairs of the warehouse and showroom just in time for Spring cycle season. Bike Beat held their grand re-opening in their newly transformed space and began the cycle season without missing a beat

Sprinklers Initiated
Spring cycle season
Restoration Experts
Bike Beat Held Their Grand Re-opening In Their Newly  Transformed Space

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