FEMA National Day of Action: Spring Disaster Preparation

Spring weather has already proved eventful in much of the U.S. Tornadoes have ripped across the south and severe weather is on the horizon for the Midwest and Atlantic as well. Hurricane season is just around the corner, so spring is the time for disaster preparation of every variety. To help encourage planning and comprehensive preparation, FEMA is initiating a National Day of Action. This day of awareness is meant to call attention to hazards like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. Increasing community awareness and involvement around natural disaster risks is important this time of year. For private residences and businesses alike, taking steps to prevent damage to structures and property is a critical part of planning.

Regional Planning

Many disasters span regions, while others only occur in certain places. For example, the Midwest is unlikely to be affected by the worst of an Atlantic hurricane, but is always susceptible to similar flooding. Preparing for disasters on a regional scale is important and the FEMA National Day of Action is meant to encourage this nationwide. For the Atlantic region, beginning preparations for hurricane season is the primary focus. The threat from severe winds and flooding is very real and thorough planning shouldn’t be delayed.

Hurricane and Flood Preparations

The biggest natural disaster risks to the Atlantic region during the late spring are hurricanes and flooding. Taking time to plan for these threats is a crucial part of disaster preparation in the Atlantic region and an ongoing concern for many residents across the mid-Atlantic states. Protecting the exterior of your home or business from debris caused by wind damage and taking measures to plan for flooding are all part of essential hurricane preparation. While planning and preparedness efforts should be ongoing, taking the occasion during the National Day of Action to plan and raise awareness about regional disaster risk is time well spent.

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