Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends: Getting Ready For Winter

As of November 30th, Atlantic hurricane season is officially over. While hurricanes are still possible outside of the season, the more pressing concern is the arrival of winter weather. As December sets in, freezing temperatures and winter storms become the most pressing concerns. Intense cold fronts, lake effect storms, and of course, severe blizzards are all some of the most common winter hazards. Preparing for winter weather is an ongoing endeavor and something that requires preparation to both protect yourself and your property. Winter storms and plummeting temperatures can be highly destructive forces. Winter storm preparation is a critical part of staying safe and warm this season. Here are some tips to help you plan for and weather winter storms.

Keep Emergency Supplies

One of the first and most important elements of winter storm preparation is to make sure that you have emergency supplies on hand at home. An emergency preparedness kit is always a good way to consolidate these items into one easy to access location, but you should keep certain essentials in or out of a kit. Items like extra food and water, blankets, portable heaters, first aid kits, lanterns, flashlights, batteries, communication devices, and medication are all important supplies to have available at any given time. Staying warm is the highest priority during the winter, so make sure your supplies offer this.

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Insulate and Protect Pipes

Insulating and sealing your home and making sure that pipes are protected against the cold is one of the most important aspects of winter weather preparation. Keeping warm air indoors and cold air outside is a fundamental part of staying warm and protecting your home as temperatures plummet and storms push thorough. Seal any cracks or openings in the walls or floors that could allow warm air to escape, make sure windows and doors are properly sealed with weatherstripping, and insulate exposed pipes. Doing this will help with heat retention and help prevent pipes from freezing.

Prepare for Snow Removal

Snow accumulation is a reality in most parts of the U.S, and especially in the mid-Atlantic region. While preparing for snow removal is an integral part of dealing with the winter season, getting ready for serious snow accumulation is often overlooked. The recent lake effect storm that left upstate New York with several feet of snow over a couple days is proof of the importance of planning for heavy snow fall. Make sure you have sturdy shovels readily accessible and plenty of ice melt to ensure that the areas surrounding your home are secure after a storm.

Having a snow roof rake can be a good option as well since snow accumulation on the roof can stress the roof structure and potentially cause water damage to the roof and walls of the home. Protecting your home from snow and water damage involves regularly clearing snow from the roof and around your home. Excessive snow and ice can be extremely damaging, so prepare to manage them throughout the winter.