Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins: Prepare Your Home

Atlantic hurricane season began officially on June 1st, so residents along the Atlantic should start implementing hurricane preparations for homes and businesses. Reviewing personal and business emergency plans and preparing the home for a severe storm are the most important priorities in anticipation of a storm. Though the official season has just started and the height of the storm risk often doesn’t arrive until August or September, now is the time to review preparations and implement measures to strengthen your home and become better prepared individually. Severe storms can arrive early and cause enormous destruction, so it is very important to do everything possible now to ensure that you are prepared in the upcoming weeks.

Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins

Home Hurricane Preparation

The first and more important part of home hurricane preparation is to survey your home carefully and take note of vulnerabilities and areas that need repair and immediate attention. Addressing the exterior of your home and your surrounding yard is important since much of the damage caused by hurricane winds is caused by flying debris. Trim trees and shrubs and remove or relocate anything that can detach and become a projectile.

Home Hurricane Preparation

Protecting the openings of your home from flying debris is also extremely important. Securing doors and windows is one of the primary concerns during hurricane season. Many people opt to install permanent rolling shutters or fixed attachments to quickly install pre-cut shutter panel in the event a storm hits land.

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Reinforcing your home during a renovation or reconstruction should involve using hurricane straps to hold the house together and roof strengthening with ring shank nails to better secure the roof to the sheathing. Also, consider sealing the roof deck with roof tape to help prevent water from entering the attic if the roof cover blows off, and secure shingles with roofing cement to help prevent them from blowing off. Make sure that all vents and soffits are securely attached and made from quality material. While there is little that can be done to avoid wind and water damage if the storm is severe enough, taking preventative precautions and doing what you can to reinforce the exterior of your home can help reduce the risks of serious damage.

In the surrounding yard, you should remove and relocate items that can become projectiles. Reconsider certain types of landscaping materials that can become airborne and cause damages–such as loose rocks. Patio furniture, equipment, toys, and other outdoor objects should be relocated and secured in a safe, enclosed location in preparation for a storm. During high winds, avoiding damages is difficult to impossible if the winds are severe enough, but taking preventative steps to reduce damages by securing objects outdoors and maintaining the exterior of your home can help enormously in preparing your home for hurricane weather. With the official commencement of hurricane season, now is the time to get ready.

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